Laser Skeet Shooting - Rental

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Skeet Shooting Drawing

Simulates everything done in the same way as on the skeet shooting range.  

1.  The Guest takes up a stance behind the simulator and positions themselves for the kill directly in front of them.
2.  Wind back to their holding position.
3.  Call "PULL!".
4.  Spot the target spot coming out of the trap.
5.  Start their swing, mount and swing through the right line - maintained lead, follow through - whichever style you prefer.
6.  Press the trigger and follow through.
7.  With the shot detection system you will see exactly where your shot went in relation to the target - instantly.

We use a full sized gun - not a  plastic toy gun so this game is not recommended for children.  This is a very realistic skeet shooting training tool.  Your body movements for the swing and follow through are exactly the same as on the stand.  You must allow the same lead as on the stand and the targets follow the same path and at the same speed as birds in the field or clays from the trap.

The simulator contains a safe, low power light source generating a sharp beam of light which is projected onto a 10' x 10' projector screen about 15' feet in front of the guests.

The muzzle mounted laser is activated when you press the trigger and it sends out a pulse of invisible light from the barrel. The state-of-the-art image detection system built into the simulator detects the pulse generated when you shoot, does its calculation of lead required, and knows whether you had a hit or a miss. If you had a miss it knows by how much and in which direction.

The system automatically accounts for lead so you must aim at exactly the same angular position ahead as with a real clay - i.e. so far ahead for a crossing target or almost right at it for a going away or driven target.

This advanced laser system works best in subdued light. This is because the pulse of invisible light fired from your gun barrel is in the infra-red part of the spectrum. Direct sunlight also contains infra-red so it is best to ensure that sunlight is not directly falling onto the projection screen.

Requires at least a 10' high x 15' wide x 20' deep area.
Must be set up away from direct light for proper simulation.

Requires access to 110 electric within 100 feet.

With attendant  - $ 995.00 (up to a 4 hour rental - plus delivery)

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