Carnival Games - For Rent

BALLOON DARTS - Player must bust the balloon with one of the winning tags to win. Played with real darts.

BANK A BALL - Player must get the ball into the basket off the Taco Bell Dog backboard to win.


BART SIMPSON BALL TOSS - Toss the ball in the hole above Bart's head to win.

Bart Simpson Ball Toss

BUSHEL BASKET TOSS - Toss the baseball into the angled basket to win.
bushel basket toss

CAN SMASH - New One Piece Game.  Knock down all the cans with one bean bag wins.Can Smash

CAT RACK - New Metal "9 Cat Rack" game - knock 3 cats down to win.

CLINKO - Drop the balls down the top of the Clinko board & spell the word Clinko to win.

Clinko Carnival Game

CLOWN AROUND BULLSEYE - Hit the clown in the nose sets off the lights and bells to win.

Clown Around Bullseye Game

COVER THE SPOT - Player must cover the red spot completely with 5 metal disks. VERY hard game to win.

CRAZY CANS - Player must knock all 6 cans off the pedestal with a bean bag.

CRAZY CROSSBOWS - Player must get the suction cup dart completely within the bullseye to win. The small suction cup darts are fired from a crossbow.
Crazy Crossbows / Bullseye

CRAZY CURVE - Player must "drive" his car around the dangerous curves without setting off the buzzer to win.

DUCK POND - Pick up a duck and win a prize.

FLIP A CHICK - Flip the rubber chicken into the frying pan to win.

Flip A Chick

HOOLA HOOPLA - Get hula hoop around the stuffed animal & the hoola hoopla box to win.

HUNGRY GATOR - Player must toss the ball into the hole to win.

Hungry Gator

LIGHTNING STRIKES - Try to get the pole over the wire without touching the sides and setting off the buzzer to win.
Lighting Strikes Game

LOBSTER LAUNCH - Launch the rubber lobsters into one of the revolving pots to win.

MAGNA DART - Guests use small "bows" to propel flat, round magnets towards the magnetic dart board. If they land in the designated winners space, they WIN. Better than suction cup or regular darts because each dart will stick without fail.

MILK BOTTLE BLAST - Player must knock all 6 metal milk cans off the pedestal with a baseball.

Milk Bottle Blast

MILK CAN - Toss the baseball into the large metal milkcan to win.
Milk Cans

MINI BASKETBALL - Flip the mini basketball into the hoop to win.

MINI HOOP - New One Piece Game.  Get one ball into the basketball hoop to win.
Mini Hoop

MINI SKEEBALL TABLE - 7' Long version of the popular arcade game with lights & bells.

PING PONG POND - Toss the ping pong ball into the floating dishes to win.

POPGUN - 3 Acrylic Cups are set-up in a pyramid on top of a pedestal. Players must knock all three cups off the pedestal with one ball shot from a popgun.
Pop Gun

POTTY TOSS - New One Piece Game.  Get one ball into the "toilet seat" to win.
Potty Toss

QUACK ATTACK - New One Piece Game.  Toss a bean bag to knock over 3 ducks wins.
Quack Attack

RING THE BOTTLE - Player must get small red plastic ring to land around the neck of the 2 liter green glass bottle when tossed. (This is a hard game to win)

RING THE COKE BOTTLE - Player must get small red plastic ring to land around the neck of the coke bottle when tossed. (This is an easier game to win)

Ring the Coke Bottle

RING TOSS - New One Piece Game.  Toss ring onto the red peg to win.

Ring Toss

SHUFFLEBOWL - Roll three colored balls into the same colored holes to win.

ShufflebowlShufflebowl Close Up

SKATTERBALL - Looks like an upright pinball game with lights.  Player must catch 5 balls with the machine to win.

SKILLBALL - Roll 3 balls into the hole to win.


STAR DARTS - Player must get dart in yellow of star. Played with real darts.

TIC TAC TOE - Toss baseballs into a tic tac toe board. 3 in a row, wins.

WHEEL OF FORTUNE - Table top, wooden version of the casino game. Spin the wheel, if it's on your space you win.
Wheel of Fortune

THE WIZARD - Player must get the wand over the rotating wire without setting off the buzzer to win.
The Wizard

Any Game can be set up with Mini Midway Fronts or in Carnival Game Tents. 

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