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Bull Rider - Bungee Bull  Bull Without Rider

Remember the mechanical bull craze after Urban Cowboy? The mechanical bull disappeared due to the number of Chiropractors it kept in business. Well it's back, it's safe, and it's interactive. Instead of using an electro/hydraulic system that took time to stop after the person fell, this Bull uses a bungee system controlled by the partygoers. The aluminum, vinyl and foam bull is suspended from a circular frame by four powerful bungees. Underneath the bull lies a giant inflatable mattress to cushion a fall. One rider hops on "El Toro" while four friends each grab a bungee and begin oscillating the bull. The rider holds on to a rope/strap and tries to remain on the fierce beast for as long as possible. The motion is gentle but it is a real challenge to hang on. Forty riders and 160 bungee agitators per hour can participate.

Requires access to 110 electric within 100 feet and at least an 18' x 18' area for the inflatable bed.

Includes attendant  - $ 895.00 (up to a 4 hour rental - plus delivery)

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